Girl Geek Dinner (Speaker)

Girl Geek Dinner (Speaker), Leeds Oct. 21 2009
An exciting event where I spoke on the topic ‘Using Video to make an Impact’ to over 80 professional women & men in the industry.  It was held at The Loft, Leeds.

Information about the event I realise I look a bit shocked in that image.

Write up from the girl geek site:

“Fear is not an option if you are going to video blog online. Even when you think you have failed, it pushes the boundaries to get better next time.”

“Christine’s belief is that passion is vital for talking confidently into a camera, even if it is a small web camera. The world wide web is now saturated with information which is raising the importance of creating engaging content. is a a quirky short podcast where Christine’s passion for Apps is the main theme, with the twist being that the presenters dress up in amazing costumes.  Christine is an Apple fan and praised the Final Cut software for being so easy and quick to edit the podcast. Girl Geeks were left to ponder on the quote from Albert Einstein that summarised the heart of the presentation,

“For an idea, that does not first seem insane – there is no hope”.

Christine’s enthusiasm and positive outlook really shone through in her talk, and you had the feeling that she could achieve whatever she put her mind to. It was pretty inspirational stuff. We’re wondering whether Christine has considered a career as a motivational speaker!

With 80 tickets sold, its was the biggest Leeds GGD so far.”