Allowance is finally ready for submission to Apple!

This feels like a huge journey, and really I guess for me it has been. Back over Easter holidays I decided to commit to learning how to create apps rather than just obsess about them.

I wanted to start over the summer last year but one thing and another and other than a few half-assed tutorials I just didn’t manage it. I didn’t make the commitment. By the time Easter came round I was completely needing to do it so I spent every waking hour over that week learning C.

I figured if I am going to do this, then ya I should do it from the ground up. So I worked through C, making notes, setting myself challenges that I found in books / tutorials, and modifying what the tasks were. Eventually when I was confident enough I moved to Objective-C books, and continued to read, make notes and learn what I could.

If there is one thing this journey so far has taught me it’s that all the reading and working through exercises in the world will not actually prepare you for your own app. Only once I had to apply all that stuff into an app I gave a shit about did I realise how much hard work it would be – to do it well.

Anyway – move forward to today – and I am finally ready to submit my app… I really care about this app, and it’s an app I want so I hope others feel the same.

I hope to be making regular blog video entries… and will be putting less text to them, just as it’s the first, I felt a little background was necessary. .. I really wish I had done posts from the start!