My latest update was approved this week which took Apple took no time at all. I have so far been really lucky with their processes and hope it continues. I did have one rejection and they explained why – I amended the app and it was approved a few days later.

The update to Travel Cash was a minor issue, there was a problem with the loading image. It isn’t something any particular user would notice as it’s more a cosmetic / feel type of issue – if it doesn’t load there is a black screen when the app launches for a second or two. Many apps don’t even have a loading screen but I like to have as polished a feel as possible for my apps so for me it was important to get it right.

I also realised that although the Travel Cash kept a running total of the the cash spent, you didn’t see a total of only the amount spent, so with this update there is now a field that says to you that you have this much left, and have spent this much of your cash.

There are still minor fixes and I think as with most apps there will always be minor fixes, now it’s just a case of balance of time and resources, which apps to update and for what reasons, versus do I build new apps and focus on a staple few?

I have been updating the Lil Tweet app which was an experiment, as I want it to remain on there as it was an interesting idea. I have also been working on one that I am very excited about so that will hopefully be my next app out, after which I will make updates to the apps as needed.

Lastly I have modified the pricing of Allowance so it is now the same as travel cash. I will keep my eye on if this has an effect on sales at all or if it’s not much difference. I do find it is a difficult process to keep promoting the apps and generating awareness of them, and really I would like to get a good base of apps and then continually improve the ones that I have.