This is a ten week iOS design & development course I run on an evening. It covers the topics below:

  • Understand the requirements to set up an iPhone app in Xcode
  • Recognise components of the SDK (Software Development Kit)
  • Recognise necessity to save and backup in Xcode and the importance of version control
  • Recognise Apple aesthetics and the HIG, (human interface guidelines)
  • Understand the basic elements of components in Xcode for app creation
  • Look at MVC (model / view / controller) basics
  • Using textFields, Manipulate Images, buttons, using a webView
  • Understanding Actions and Outlets
  • LoFi Prototypes
  • The use of Views
  • Using Methods
  • Basic data persistence
  • Publishing requirements

It’s running January 2013 until March.

The following links are useful resources: