I came across this fab little quick and easy tutorial about soldering conductive ribbon. I love trying new components and ways to connect things, but sometimes stuff arrives and I’m clueless how the heck it works – thanks to the Internet, I can find great tutorials that saves me a lot of time! This one is clear and easy from fabrick.it

Soldering Ribbon

It’s worth checking out some of their other tutorials, many more on wearables things and how to put some patterns together. There is a great one on a small battery holder for a coin cell battery.

screen grab from their tutorial


It’s always worth making a note when you find good tutorials because sometimes I buy components that look super interesting or fun to play and experiment with but then I can get stuck as to how to use the darn things!

Additional Information: Conductive Ribbon can be a great way to connect up super fast with your wearable components. Using it for areas where there is some ‘bend’ such as in sleeves works well if you place more of the ribbon than you need so that it will not ‘pull’ when the elbow is moved. It’s also a great way to connect components that aren’t explicitly created for wearable connections.