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Beginning iOS Design & Development

This is a ten week iOS design & development course I run on an evening. It covers the topics below:

Slow Technology: Programming the Interface

This post examines The interface described will be coded using Xcode, using the interface builder (fig. 20) section of Xcode as well as coding the elements that will…

Yo! Create (iOS App)

Basic MapKit Integration

I’ve been working on an app that needed only the most basic map presentation and was looking for some straightforward information about how best to implement this. Most…

Shandy Hall (iOS App)

Shandy Hall (iOS App), Sept. 2011 Created for the Shandy Hall Museum. iTunes Link I have been working on creating an app for the historical museum Shandy Hall,…

Yo iOS

Almost a year ago I had an app idea for an app that I would like to use with / for my students. I got very excited at…

Travel Cash (iOS App)

Updating Allowance

1.2 News: I am in the process of updating Allowance. Features I have planned to implement with this update are DELETE an account, have up to 5 ACCOUNTS,…

Lil Tweet

Lil Tweet was the first app we made as a challenge to create a small creative way to use the social service Twitter. This app enables you to…

Allowance (iOS App)

Apps and Hats (App)

Lil Tweet