p.s. I’m looking to start opening course enrolment in only a few weeks time so stick around, sign up to the email list if you haven’t already and come back to visit my other posts in the mean time.

Pizza or burgers? Well ok, we can chat later, for now I’m putting together a few ARDUINO courses that would have helped me when I started out with it.  I’m hoping it inspires people who have maybe taken that first step of actually buying a kit (or Arduino board) but haven’t yet taken it any further – mostly because “we don’t have time”.

Well – you do have time – my first tutorial will zip through getting it up and running in only a few minutes, while I’ll be offering a gentle starter course that will get you up and running in under an hour! (59 minutes + extra information for the keen ones) If you don’t yet have a kit, there’s a post coming that explains some easy ways to get started by buying the right kit and links to where might be the best places to get it.

So please set aside an hour and join me in taking one of my courses and I hope it starts you to creating exciting projects!