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Shandy Hall (iOS App)

Shandy Hall (iOS App), Sept. 2011 Created for the Shandy Hall Museum.
iTunes Link

I have been working on creating an app for the historical museum Shandy Hall, which is just a nice little informational app. Perfect for reading about events and the history of the house.

Features in the app include:
– Live map so you don’t get lost
– Opening times
– Admission
– Events you can attend & how to book if needed
– Images of the beautiful house and gardens
– Videos about Shandy Hall and other related videos
– Read the live twitter stream for all current information

The app is free and makes a great companion for when you are thinking of making a visit there. For more information about Shandy Hall you can <a href="http://www.laurencesternetrust look here.org.uk/shandy-hall.php” target=”_blank”>check out their site.

The app went live in September 2011.


New &Noteworthy: Travel Cash

Just came across Travel Cash in the New & Noteworthy section on the App Store which is always great news.

New Noteworthy

I haven’t yet actively promoted it in any way which may be a mistake but there was a slight issue with it I noticed when testing it that I wasn’t happy with. It is only a very small issue – that when you launch the app there is a slight black screen delay for a second or so, meaning it isn’t loading my Default image when it starts. I realise it will be seen as a minor thing – literally a 1 second black delay, but I’m not happy with it.

I am currently fixing that and I will add a few other bits to it and submit a 1.1 fix for that.

Travel Cash (iOS App)

Travel Cash (iOS App), March 2011
I completed this app after noticing that feedback and comments suggested that my Allowance app was also useful for creating an extra generic account and some had used it for holiday budgets. Made a clean simple, essentially one function app – to keep track of travel cash.

Travel Cash

I’ve been working on a new app for the last few weeks, called Travel Cash and have now submitted version 1 to the App Store.

The goal with this app was that I had a few people saying to me / commenting that they had also been using Allowance for other accounts, keeping track of other types of finance. I also had a friend say they used it on a holiday to track where the heck their travel cash was going!

This app has a clean interface and it is designed so you can enter in the transactions as quickly and easily as possible. You also are able to see exactly how much money you have left in your travel fund.

Officially goes on sale Thursday 17th March.



Re-writing Freud (iOS App)

Re-writing Freud (iOS App), Feb 2011

App Store

The re-writing Freud app became available to purchase in the App Store from February 4th. It is the next logical incarnation of the artwork Re-Writing Freud which was first created back in 2005. This was my first Universal iOS app.

iOS App

It took a lot of research and drafting out of several interactions of the app because it is such a new dynamic platform. It seemed I kept focusing on re-creating the initial interface, which was designed for a powerful computer. I knew this was not the same device or experience and it needed to be adapted to reflect the best use of the technology it would be experienced on. From there I realized that the key to an iPad is the human interaction and that the surface is so beautiful and clean that it really would be my job to maintain the essence of those features.

The app would focus on the book. That was the core essential element, and from there the user would be able to write the book randomly every time in terms of them interacting with the device. The interface is minimal, only a solid colour, based on the rotation of the device.

In fact, you won’t see anything other than the colour unless you interact.

The words only become visible when you tap the screen, then randomly the words are chosen from the entire book and presented in a random place on the screen. The words then fade out after a set elapsed time.

iTunes Preview

Updating Allowance

1.2 News:

I am in the process of updating Allowance. Features I have planned to implement with this update are DELETE an account, have up to 5 ACCOUNTS, and some modifications to the reminder view.

DELETE ACCOUNTS: I have had some requests for deleting accounts so this is the bulk of what I have been working on. You will now be able to delete accounts with a swipe gesture if you need to. This was the longest area for development time wise. I had been able to get parts of it working and as I did more bugs would surface. It required a lot of testing and trying different data and combinations to be sure all aspects of it were working correctly. I am really pleased that this is now ready to go! The delete feature required new assets to be created as well in order to be able to see how to delete and there are some glitchy issues with these buttons that also needed sorting out. (Just issues on styling as there is a slight flicker when you swipe, I am in the process of working out ways to eliminate this.)

CREATE 5 ACCOUNTS: Once the delete and basic swipe feature was made I then have added the capability to create 5 accounts now. I did actually have requests for this and I think it really should be implemented anyway so I have been able to add this to the 1.2 version so I can’t wait to ship it.

I realise now that the way it is implemented, I actually have gone about it in a slightly longer process way and I would do it differently next time. I will hope to add the possibility of 6 accounts in version 1.3 or 1.4 though as it would be nice for the users to have the choice of too many.

REMINDERS > alteration: In addition to that I have been looking at the way reminders are created and how they are acknowledged. The image to the left shows how it is in the current version. I still think there is some slight confusion with creating the reminder so I have had a rework of this area. I want to clean up the interface for this and make it work seamlessly.

I think at the moment it is a bit weak in the way that you are slightly unclear that it will definitely work according to the options set. This isn’t really good enough and so I have put in a lot of time and effort to get this working how I expect it to, and how you expect it to as well.

That update isn’t really seen as essential and one that needs to be out there right away but I thought since I had released an update in December I will get this sorted as well and submit it hopefully by January 23rd, so it should be on the app store for the first week in February.

Already planning the updates for the 1.3 version so if there are any features or requests that you would like me to consider then please do send me an email.

[button link=”http://200ml.co.uk/?page_id=115″ type=”icon” icon=”mail”]send me an email[/button] We hope to include the ability for you to email your Allowance data, full support for accessibility and other features soon.

Allowance Lite

We decided to make a lite version of Allowance so people could get a taste for the basic style of the app. This way you can try out one account and see how it works for you – for free.

It only has the basic features, so you can enter and delete money, set reminders and see the fun facts, but you don’t have access to repeat reminders, setting up the children’s names, creating 4 accounts, adding the child’s photo, the balance sheet and a few other goodies so you really will want to update to the paid for version to get all the joys out of the fully fledged app.

We wanted to give folks a flavour of what we are trying to achieve so we hope you like it. This app will always be free but it’s unlikely it will get other features added.