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1Sheeld – Arduino & Android

1Sheeld Arduino shieldThis is a nice project that came up on Kickstarter and I supported – I can’t wait to get this shield (1Sheeld). The idea is that it gives you easy access to all the capabilities on your Android device, all through the one shield, so you now wouldn’t have to connect loads of separate shields or sensors to have control.

At a glance it seems to be a great way to make easier connections, especially if you want to test something out and not pay for a shield / sensor etc to try something.

I haven’t tried it yet but anticipate to have it here around May 2014, so hope to post an update with information then. You can purchase these from their site now too.

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Black 1950s Vintage, 5 LED bag…

This new handbag was created to be used in a single-user study that will be taking place over the month. It has been modified based on feedback from previous user testing and focus groups that I have run over the course of the PhD so far. Included in this bag is a 5 LED configuration – which in this case it was decided to keep it all visible. Continue reading Black 1950s Vintage, 5 LED bag…

Motivations for My Research

The motivation for this research is to investigate the design and use of ubiquitous technology and to consider the feasibility and practicality of carrying and using a smart device in the form of ‘message bag’, in order to reduce stress levels associated with forgetfulness. This leading on to determine the suitability of the bag with embedded technology for use in our everyday lives.

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Message Bag v2

Message Bag 2
Message Bag v2 created with a Crumpler Bag.

Message Bag v2 was created after attending the Augmented Human ’13 conference. I wanted to create a second working prototype that was more robust than the first iteration. The first one created was a proof of concept style bag, so that I could visualise how these components could potential work together, but it also provided valuable insight into how the bag may or may not be used, and general problems that will surface when you build a physical object. (note this post does not cover the working description of what it does, it only charts the creation of the bag and observations having used it daily).

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Some Definitions Within My Field of Study

Smart Device, Physical Computing, Ubiquitous Technology, Wearable Computing

Smart Device
Essentially we can term something as a smart device if it is a mobile / cordless solution (for easy transportation / use) which may potentially be connected to the Internet, or GPS or similar, or have voice / video capabilities. Continue reading Some Definitions Within My Field of Study

Wearables : Initial Questionnaire : Specification

This write up follows an initial few months of research into wearables / an initial questionnaire to establish if people did in fact feel badly when forgetting items, as well as a general specification for a few parameters.

To meet Weisers’ concept of disappearing computing and technologies requires that users are willing to accept the use of that technology into their everyday lives.

Wearable Computing Many challenges await wearable designers as they balance innovative interfaces, power requirements, network resources and Privacy concerns. (Thad Starner, The challenges of wearable computing.) Continue reading Wearables : Initial Questionnaire : Specification