Visual Impairment Interesting Finds…

This page is dedicated to posts related in some way to my Visual Impairment Services Team work. There are guides, information and shortcuts to things that are technology related. If you find something you think I should look at posting just give me a shout! Thanks ~

nexus phone

Android accessibility? Is there any?

I posted an article on the website, about: "How can you make your Android easier to use if you have a visual impairment? Any thoughts?" and I've very curious to find out more. So I'm re-posting it here on my personal blog. 

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VisonSim; simulator for visual impairments

Do you know someone with a visual impairment? Are you trying to learn a little more about conditions for sight loss and how vision can be affected? VisonSim is a good start to discovering some of the ways people can be affected by sight loss. cialis 20

If you are a friend, family, carer or just interested to know more, then you should check out this app…

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iOS delete app screen

How-to: Delete an app in iOS with Voice Over

Delete an app in iOS while using Voice Over is easy enough to do once you know how. By default when Voice Over is on, it reads the icon that it is on and tells you that double tapping will open it. But what about when you want to delete the app? cialis coupon

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aipoly vision view

Aipoly Vision versus Tap Tap See

Aipoly Vision and Tap Tap See do very similar things.

They are object recognise apps for visually impaired,  to help someone understand their surroundings. You only need to point your phone or iPad at the object and press a large on-screen button to turn on the artificial intelligence. Brilliant for visually impaired and sighted who can use the app but also help improve it.

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Easy Access Accessibility Settings

If you find you are using the Accessibility settings often or want to easily and quickly be able to make changes, you can include a link to it in the top bar of your mac screen. This post will quickly walk you through it.

enabling the menu

A pdf version of Quick Access to Accessibility Pane is available for offline reading.

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Contrast for Readability

There are settings on a mac that can make working on the computer much easier for anyone with a visual impairment, but also, some of these settings make things easier to view for many users.

settings on a mac

This particular setting I have enabled on my computer because it seems to make things appear a little crisper and defined.

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Accessibility Plugin for your site

accessibility Plugin

accessibility Plugin page image

Installing a plugin for your wordpress site is a great and easy way to be sure it’s as accessible as possible. I’ve installed WP Accessibility and it monitors the site and let’s me know as I’m inserting images what are the potential issues. 

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chrome web store

Accessibility and Chrome

This is a guide for setting up accessibility features on Chrome Browser. buy cialis no prescription

The guide in this post is for accessibility and Chrome – how to set it up with extensions that are available. It is also available as a Chrome Accessibility PDF Guide if you prefer for offline browsing and reference. 

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finger device

tinker tailor