Abandoned Places


This epic abandoned property has been on offer for £2,500,000 (2021), and when we saw it had been sold (Jan 2021) – we made

Old farm equipment scattered on the ground, and buildings falling apart. Those are the main features of this beautiful place. Lovely colours. My abandoned

An abandoned farmhouse. This is a short post as I haven’t been able to find out much information about this abandoned building. It looks

[UPDATE Oct 2021: We have been back to visit this beautiful Schoolhouse, and it looks like it is now being saved. the gardens were

abandoned building

My fascination with abandoned places is growing. I find them a bit creepy and scary, but also often feel sadness. These are places that


I enjoy taking photos of abandoned places, and Scotland has a lot of these beautiful treasures. I have an Instagram account [ urbex.cmoz ] where I post most of them, and for some of the epic visits, I’ll post them here. 

Part of the culture and unspoken rules are to always leave the bando as you find it. I’m always respectful and want others to enjoy it long after my visit. I hope you too go exploring and share your photos or places! 

Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs ~

Many of these photos are available as NFTs on OpenSea. I have 2 collections for them, CryptoBando is where the photos from the places are listed, and Glitched Bando is where I list the edited images that are typically animated in some way.