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Prototyping as I go ~

Instructor of Computer Science at Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia • Ph.Dork (Queen Mary University of London, UK) • Previously, Lecturer MDes Innovation and Interaction Design at The Glasgow School of Art • human design • user experience research • wearables  assistive technology • cognition • forgetfulness • interaction • physical computing • prototyping • circuit design • popcorn eater • starter of small fires

Yellowooowowooo OLED!

This super cool little OLED screen, 128 x 32 is YELLOW! I haven’t come across the yellow ones before

My book is now published

The Ultimate Guide to Informed Wearable Technology:

A hands-on approach for creating wearables from prototype to purpose using Arduino systems

Master wearable technology with over 50 activities using Arduino and ESP32 to build useful, stylish, and intelligent wearable devices and create interactive circuits that react to us and our environment.

#ABANDONED #forgotten places

Urban Exploring

In #Scotland we are spoilt. Beautiful scenery, landscapes with changing seasons, and so much to explore. Also, there are a lot of abandoned places and buildings. These places have their own story. I find myself imagining who walked there before me. 

These posts are photographs from the places I visit. Where possible, I try to include a little history about the location. Often there isn’t any information. This all adds to the mystery. Enjoy ~