I’ve been a geek since the early days of “The Afterschool Computer Club”. I wanted to merge my love of creativity & design with my passion for technology & computing. 

Currently Post Graduate Lecturer, Design Innovation MDes, Interaction Design at Glasgow School of Art. [GSA Innovation School]

“Human-centric computing with real-world application.
Prototyping as I go!”

I have worked in creative fields for many years. I love to build physical systems using circuits & software, which may sense and respond to our relationship with a physical world. One priority is to focus on ensuring that hardware devices being integrated into everyday objects feel natural. A big part of my drive comes from making prototypes that satisfy both practical and aesthetic needs.

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consultancy & collaboration

Note: I am currently not taking on other consultancy work, however, I am interested in collaborative projects and research / papers / journals.

Contact me for freelance consultancy and collaboration for your projects that require:

integrated circuit boards | interaction design | design innovation process | wearables | assistive technologies | sensors | electronics | physical computing | software | research | technical solutions |

I’m qualified to teach (PGCE qualification) or provide training. I believe I can inspire others with and through using technology (BSc, MSc and PhD). I advise and lead project development through a variety of methods to help you realise your project successfully.
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My PhD research focused on investigating smart objects to reduce anxiety in the domain of forgetfulness. Continuing on from that investigation, I am exploring forgetfulness and its impact on our lives, creating technology devices to help us.  Continue reading “forgetfulness”


This is a selection of projects and works throughout the years.

It includes artistic collaborations which have received funding, personal projects, hardware and software based work. I hope these projects demonstrate the range of the work I have been doing, from film editing to interactive art to working with hardware to build and solder circuits.
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