Investigating the design of smart objects to reduce anxiety about forgetfulness

wearables, forgetfulness, physical computing, ubiquitous computing, smart devices, HCI, augmented human


Perceived Forgetfulness

I’m concerned with perceived forgetfulness, this affects people who are not medically diagnosed as forgetful, but they believe themselves to be forgetful, and because of this, it affects their everyday lives in a negative way. I’m looking for ways to alleviate these negative emotions / negative implications in their lives.

Physical Computing

I love to build physical systems, using hardware and software, which may sense or respond to our relationship with a physical world.

Ubiquitous Computing

Using everyday devices, the things we use without even thinking about it, how can we integrate technology in a way that the user naturally uses the object. For me closely related to smart devices, small mobile devices, portable systems… particularly concerning the physical world, human-centred environments and distributed computing environments.

Wearable Computing (wearables)

These typically small electronic devices that are worn by a user that either is the clothing/accessory, or worn under it. There is usually a constant interaction with the user and the device and is described as augmented in terms of adding functionality to what the wearer would normally do or how they would function.



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