My work & the importance of Prototyping

I presented a talk at the Glasgow School of Art that was about my work, particularly some of the earlier artwork collaboration

Sonic Bodies: Being Human Festival, Leeds, UK

As part of the Being Human Festival, I was involved in the technical support for the Sonic Bodies installation. This is a proj

A Creative Creator Fair

It’s been another crazy maker weekend – this time a creative Creator Fair at the Space Centre in Leicester was hos

EVENT: wuthering bytes, a festival of technology

Technology festival Wuthering Bytes is happening again this year at Hebden Bridge and I am privileged to be a speaker there on

EVENT: Creator Fair, National Space Centre

Hey I’m really excited to say that I’ll be bringing some of my stuff over to the Creator Fair at the National Spac

Wearable Technology 2015 Excel, London

The Wearable Technology show at Excel during March 2015 was a huge display of most current products on the market now. Queen M

Derby Maker Faire: Making, hacking, playing

Just a little post with images from the Derby Maker Faire. I had read about the Bloodhound in Wired magazine and so was pretty

York Hackspace at Manchester Mini Maker Faire

Our York Hackspace group set up at the Manchester Maker Faire over the weekend of Saturday 26th / 27th July. On the

Leeds Creative Labs… collaborative projects

[UPDATED] This year I’ve been selected as part of the Leeds Creative Labs cohort, which brings together Academics and Cr


[Photo from my demo table. Thank you so much if you were one of the people who came to talk with me, it was such an amazing ex

CogSci Launch Event

The research group at QMUL, Cognitive Science, is having a launch that includes previewing some of the amazing work that this

Augmented Human ’13 overview

“USE THEM OR DO SOMETHING ELSE” Details about the conference and presentations. Website with proceedings and infor

‘Making sense of a social networking world’, Annual Business Lecture, JCI

Annual Business Lecture, JCI (Panelist)May 2010 This non-profit group for young business people have a yearly ‘lecture’ fo, über-jury for App Star Awards (über-jury for App Star Awards) International, Nov-Dec 2009Selected to be one of the Judges of the App Star awar

Girl Geek Dinner (Speaker), using video to make an impact

Girl Geek Dinner (Speaker), Leeds Oct. 21 2009An exciting event where I spoke on the topic ‘Using Video to make an Impact’