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Basic MapKit Integration

I’ve been working on an app that needed only the most basic map presentation and was looking for some straightforward information about how best to implement this.

Most of the information I found was way overboard for what I was wanting, and also there wasn’t a lot of information about it – it could be my searches but I really couldn’t find all that much.

My requirements were :

Present a simple map of a set location, so people could find it and be able to visit.

I came across several tutorials that I looked into, that had some great information: icodeblog the iCode Blog had a great tutorial with video and slides to accompany, and it’s around an hour to watch it but you’ll want to stop the video to implement what they are teaching you.

The one I finally used for reference and ideas was technobuffalo I modified it to suit what I was after, and this post will go through the basics of how to get the MapKit working in a really simple way.

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