I’m trying to figure out what exactly are we carrying with us, what items are important to us, and how do we feel if we forget these items… also, is this unique to us as individuals or do we have more in common with others than we may realise?

[su_box box_color=”#2995b5″ title:”I’d love to find some people who could help the study by:”]When you make a journey, for example to work, out for the weekend, to a friends, that you would either take a photo of the contents* of the bag you are taking with you, or just type up the items you bring – all the items.[/su_box]

So with that said – could you do one of the following?

Full study over a period of several days:

If this does sound like something you can help me out with then please send me an email. Ideally, I’d like people to be able to participate for several journeys as I want to accumulate which common items are carried on a regular basis.

You would get a unique ID (a user number) so the information is not associated with your name / identity at any point, and the results would potentially be published, but not in an identifiable way. I would also set you up a unique dropbox folder so you could easily upload your photos as you take them (or you can send via email the choice is yours).

Enter your bag contents now!

Head on over to this questionnaire where you can enter in the bag contents [every single item please – including old receipts or tissues if you’ve got them in your bag!] and if you could grab a photo and email it to c.farion@eecs.qmul.ac.uk

That’s it!

* NOTE: the photo / items listed, to be done after your journey as I would like to know if you forgot to pack something and to have your typical packing routine uninterrupted

Compensation: At the end of the month (June 2013) I will choose a respondent at random who will be given a £20 Amazon Gift Certificate. I am looking for roughly 10-15 respondents to participate in the study.

Full disclosure is available here http://christinefarion.com/study-release-for-participants/

Please share the link to this post if you can – I’d love as wide a variety of people as possible! Thanks for your help.

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