I’ve included a list of my top 5 fabulous forums to go when you do need a little help, and keep in mind, if you see a project where you too have done a similar thing – please offer your help right back!

Here are my Five Fabulous Forums

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Stack Exchange this is currently listed as being in beta but it’s a great way to ask for guidance on your hardware and all things Arduino. Do read the posting rules first before you ask a question as it’s there to help you get the best answer to help you get on your way.


I often need a little help with connections or components or projects I’m working on. Fortunately the Arduino Community are very generous and are happy to offer help and advice for your projects.

  • Arduino Forum has a huge amount of people participating and answering questions. It is broken into several categories so you can hopefully find exactly where your question is best posted. Of course, always do a search first because chances are that someone has already had the exact same problem!
Fabulous Forum: Arduino

The Official Arduino Forum


  • Sparkfun Forum is also a massive place to ask questions or read what others have done to make interesting projects. It is US based, and the site itself has so many components I can get lost here for hours just looking and reading up on what can be used. It is also a great place to go if you’ve bought a component and aren’t too sure how to use it. Chances are on the site they will have the data sheets, or others who have used it and have advice and help for you.
  • Adafruit forum also an American site, is fantastic for Arduino and new components. They are also a huge leader in all things Wearable and so a very valuable resource for tutorials and amazing products. Their forum has many sections of advice so you’ll likely find the answers you need.
  • The last one that I’m listing here is HobbyComponents, and although they don’t have as many users as the previous ones I’ve mentioned, they have a lot more electrical and technical / circuit types of questions / answers. It may be a good place to go if you move on a bit with your circuits and find that you need a little more electrical help.

So there you go – five of the fabulous forums I go to, to be a part of the amazing Arduino Community, a great place to look for answers, ask your questions and of course help out as well when you feel ready!

BONUS: One bonus area to mention that you may look for help is Reddit which has a lot of people asking advice on their projects and people offering good answers and links.

High Five to Fabulous Forums!

(if you use an alternative please leave me a comment about where you go for advice, thanks!)