Exciting news!

I have launched ilyware for pre-orders in anticipation of the Launch Collection 2016. I am currently offering lower pricing for early interested adopters. The pre orders will enable me to further my research as well as get the products off the ground for the start of the new year.

I’m looking to start early deliveries of the device before the official launch for orders placed in this limited time offer.

Some of you may have already seen me talking about these items, or been to one of the fairs / events where I was doing a demo and so you may be familiar with what I’ve been working on and how to use these devices. I know from feedback I’ve had people say to me, “I was expecting it to be something complicated, it was straightforward and easy to use, it was so simple!”

If you haven’t had a chance to see it in person, then please do look at one of the videos that describe and demo the bag and how it works.

VINTAGE HANDBAG – Integrated Version

Just to quickly explain the two products on offer, they are the vintage handbag version which brings together classic styling with technology. They have an RFID reader integrated and you are provided with 5 ‘tags’ to put onto your personal items. These are then scanned into or out of the bag. I am currently offering a choice of 3 colour versions (All are different however as I am using vintage handbags and all modification / circuit / styling is done by hand!) The colours are indigo, red or cream.

3 colour ily bags

STAND ALONE – Mini Portable Version

I am also taking preorders for a stand alone version of the technology so that you can put the device on your own bags! Any bags, anywhere you like really. It comes with a clip to fasten it to a bag of your choice or even to move it from one bag to another if you have different items you need. Those are also going to be on a special limited offer before the official launch at a reduced price.

Please stop by the site and have a look, even if it’s not for you I’d appreciate it if you shared it around a little 🙋 thanks!