Do you know someone with a visual impairment? Are you trying to learn a little more about conditions for sight loss and how vision can be affected? VisionSim is a good start to discovering some of the ways people can be affected by sight loss.

If you are a friend, family, carer or just interested to know more, then you should check out this app…

About VisionSim – FREE

VisionSim is an interesting and well-designed app that works really well on a larger screen such as the iPad.

OVERVIEW: VisionSim is a fabulous app to get some information and to use the simulator to see what ways vision can be affected. Easy to use.

This is a great app, very easy to use and helps others to understand some of the issues with visual impairment. The opening screen shows 9 different eye diseases that you can click for more information.

You may already know a thing or two about some of these degenerative eye diseases and some of the effects that can happen to vision, but this app lets you see for yourself.

Clicking on one of the diseases, for example, Diabetic Retinopathy, displays a second screen that has Associated Symptoms – and each of those can be opened further for more information.

For example clicking Visual Distortion opens a screen that has text about what that is. Note: You can change the size of the text in this app by clicking the settings icon in the top right-hand corner and click app settings, where you can then choose S (small), M (medium) or L (large) text. Once selected just click the top left-hand corner to move back to the previous screens.

Launching the Simulator

At the bottom of the main window, there is a button to Launch Simulator. This starts the camera so you can see onscreen in real time the effects. There is a slider along the bottom of the screen that you use to modify the intensity of the visual distortion.

VisionSIM’s goal to “foster understanding and compassion for the millions of people affected by these eye conditions.”

This app enables people to see how devastating the effects can be.

image from the VisionSim app
An image from the app interface, showing Macular Hemorrhage

Overall this is a really easy to use app, it’s quick, informational and gives people a better understanding into some of the ways vision can be affected.