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Send a postcard

Here’s a chance to surprise your friends or family and send them a postcard from York.

What I’ll do is:

  1. buy a postcard (I’ll go to a shop in York, supporting local business of my choice, like a tourist)
  2. I’ll handwrite some thoughts, (with a handwritten address for where I will mail your postcard to, for that personal touch).
  3. then I’ll go buy a stamp from the post office and
  4. post it to the person of your choice! So they get a random postcard of wonderful York from me (a randomer). Lovely surprise!

How’s that sound? A little weird but I kind of like that.

Ready to Send?

More Information


So I live in York, and I love the place. I’ve been here quite a few years now and I still get lost*, which is great …so many one way roads, winding streets, lovely little snickelways and cobbled paths.

I also love getting things in the mail – and other than bills and stuff I’ve bought late at night (and sometimes I forget I bought stuff and then it arrives which is always fun) there’s not a lot else – so I was thinking;

“Who gets mail?     ….. who likes to get mail?

….. and would it be just super odd to get a postcard from a randomer?”

Pretty sure the answer is ya, it’s pretty odd to get mail from a randomer, so I want to do it.


I’ve had so many similar conversations lately about digital ‘taking over’ or everyone is always online. People discuss that it’s harder to get a connection or do things unless it’s online. I love the Internet but I also like the idea that someone somewhere has thought of a person in their life and wants to send them an object – it’s pretty much as low tech as possible, I mean, there isn’t even an envelope!


I also feel very lucky that I’m living in such a beautiful city, the postcards reflecting the beautiful places and historical buildings makes it an ideal place to send them from. There is also support for the local businesses who are selling these postcards. I love the idea that someone you know will be getting a postcard from someone they don’t know. You might not tell them and wait until they maybe say to you that they got a random postcard from someone, or you might ask if they’ve gotten any postcards lately. I think it could be a pretty fun thing to do. I’ll try to find nice postcards that show the city as best as possible and hopefully my handwriting is nice to read too.

Let me know your thoughts, do you like getting post, when did you last get anything personal in the post?

*not a joke, I actually still get lost and don’t know so many of the little snickelways and paths, I have got a book though to go through every snickleway there is.