(head over to ilyware to see the site)

I’ve been working on my electronic handbags for a long while. Now I’ve been focusing on creating unique handmade handbags and accessories to sell through ilyware to help further the development of my circuits. These circuits will be used to embed technology in the electronic bags. This feels like a huge step in the right direction as it enables me to earn funding towards creating the circuit designs, I make handbags which I love doing and then it will result in creating a better embedded bag.

I’m planning a several months to be able to complete the electronic versions of the bags, in the meanwhile, I’ve now started to post all the hard work on creating these individual handbags on www.ilyware.com so that people can purchase just the bags without technology. They are large enough to carry around your essentials and I hope you find one you love. I also do requests if you have an idea in mind for someone special in your life (mom’s, sisters, daughters, wives…). I hope you head over and have a look, it’s still in a new phase but I’ll be adding more and more designs over time.