An abandoned farmhouse. This is a short post as I haven’t been able to find out much information about this abandoned building. It looks like it’s more a case that this was a farmhouse. Maybe it just became unused over the decades.

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the outside of this farmhouse, so rusty in appearance

This place is in the Highlands of Scotland, near beautiful views of water and countryside.

One of the entryways into the house
these colours were so bright, against the farm fields
Very destroyed room
looking into the missing windows, you can see to the right, the building areas collapsing and missing, the roof was sliding down
hallway falling apart
abandoned old farmhouse
a front room in the abandoned farmhouse
broken floor
Holes in the floor make it a little dangerous at times
outside growing in
a huge missing window area, ready to collapse
abandoned old farmhouse hall
old farmhouse fireplace
The fireplace I can imagine was used a lot in the cold winters!
abandoned old farmhouse
I’m curious to find out more about this furniture piece.
farmhouse outside wall
The outside of this building is such a yellow colour from all the growths that have weathered the building.
abandoned old farmhouse looking in

There are often so many items left behind.

table and junk

A mix of junk on the floor, rubble, papers, empty containers. Is this left from the owner or have people stayed here since and left things behind?

farmhouse window

The basic structure of the window is only just intact. The outside has started to come inside. The weather conditions here will probably accelerate the way the building decomposes now that it is so exposed. With the roof sliding off (it looks like it is corrugated iron) there will be even less protection.

Wooden furniture left behind. That wooden chest looks very old. I’m curious what items would have been contained in it.

I’d love to own one of them (though not this one, sorry)! I hope you enjoy the video and photos of this lovely abandoned farmhouse. It has been a great exploring adventure!

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