Old farm equipment scattered on the ground, and buildings falling apart. Those are the main features of this beautiful place. Lovely colours.

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Drone view footage by FFP.

This is a short post as I haven’t been able to find out much information about this abandoned building. It looks like it’s more a case that these area old farm buildings and that they just became unused over the decades.

Steading #1440
An amazing view out of the window area. Picture perfect.

After being used as work buildings they slowly became disused and eventually completely unused and left to ruin. From what I’m learning, usually the land these are on are parts of estates or farmer’s land. They want to keep the buildings, even if they are in a bad state.

farm equipment near these old farm buildings
Not sure what this item would have been for.
Old equipment lay in the farmland. I’m always so curious about who used these items, and why did they leave?
A view inside this simple farm building. Was this divided into rooms at one point? There is a fireplace, but also to my left is a sink area which I image to be some kitchen space. Is this a living area set up like a studio space? Or was this used for another purpose?
door on the floor
the view out of the window

I hope you enjoyed these images. It’s an amazing experience to explore these buildings and to be in someone else’s space.

As always, if you do visit amazing abandoned buildings, please be respectful. I never move or break or take anything. I leave it as I find it so the next explorer can enjoy the scenery that I have been able to enjoy. These aren’t our things and I feel privileged to have been able to view it in it’s current state.

Where next?

For other abandoned buildings on my site (or this one too, dangerous structures).

Please comment if you’ve visited abandoned places!

I’d love to see where your adventure takes you!