This super fun toturial has now moved home and live on Instructables. Please leave any questions or comments!

The finished item… though I’ve now added a lace ruff to create a completed piece.

All items for making the wearable are available from Tinker Tailor, a place for all the hard-to-find wearbale electronics supplies!

The circuit with croc clips, working.
finished circuit neopixel jewellery
The working circuit.
neopixel jewellery
The finished cuff, with a matching cuff for my other arm. Now you can wear it with your other clothes!
neopixel jewellery
Reset button added – near the colour sensor on the right-hand side.
Curing the joins with UV.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the post – please let me know if you’ve done something similar if you have issues, what projects you’re working on or what you’ve used the Gemma M0 for!