Traveling in the Highlands of Scotland is always an adventure. there are so many beautiful views and places. We came across an abandoned Farmhouse that had beautiful rust colours against the landscape. We had to stop.

It was the first abandoned building that I had taken photos of. I took images of the outside area to start. I then decided I should go inside. I was a little scared of going in, would the floors collapse? Would I stumble into some of the holes in the floors? What animals were living in them?

What next?

After getting home and looking through some of the photos, I realised how beautiful this place was. The atmosphere. The stories that I kept thinking – who lived here, why did they leave? It began to occupy my mind a lot.

So… roll on many months, and visiting several abandoned places later …. I had to go back for a revisit. I wanted to have a proper look around. I had also gotten a lot braver when walking around these places.

This page is a combination of a few of the older photos from my very first bando trip – and about a year later, when we revisited. I hope you enjoy!

farmhouse abandoned
The main old farmhouse building.
A lovely moody shot of the place and the beautiful surroundings.
Some food packaging was left in the kitchen and other areas. The tin is so rusted away. It was amazing to see.

Can you still get national dried milk?

Dried milk was provided by the government under the Welfare Foods Service. It was intended for families with babies or young children who could not afford or otherwise obtain fresh milk. The contents of this tin were sufficient to make seven pints of reconstituted milk.

National Dried Milk was discontinued in 1976, when there was no longer any point, as people were opting to purchase special infant formulas instead. Many people in their Second World War memoirs list National Dried Milk with “Household Milk.”

Give the Railmen what they deserve.
No Poll Tax
This old toy was just inside one of the broken doorway storage areas – but when we went back a few months later, it had been taken, unfortunately.