I’ve written a previous post about the PeriPage because I think it’s super cute and useful. They are also pretty easy to take apart and do some color modding!

This is a guide to the modding process, how to take it apart, and then paint it and put it back together. It is very simple, just watch out for the little serrated cutting edge as it can pop out. The only part that takes any time is watching the paint dry!


The finished PeriPage painted gold.
white peripage
White PeriPage

To start I wanted a white Peri Page to make the paint modding a little easier. Having a bright plain base will make the gold spray paint really bright. I love the Peri Page so much and thought what would make it even more fabulous? Having it gold 😀

Unscrew the Peri Page

There are several screws around the case. When you open it to load a paper reel in, this is where you’ll see the screws.

Inside view when you open the PeriPage

Work through all of them and put them somewhere safe. I usually cover them with tape to my desk if it’s a project I’ll finish relatively quickly.

Back case off.

With screws removed, you can pull off the back case. It’s pretty simple inside!

nose out
Nose popped out!

You can also carefully pop out the nose of the PeriPage. Then when you spray it the nose can pop back in easily.

sanding it
Sanding the surface

Using sandpaper, take the surface off the PeriPage slightly. This will give it a nice surface to take the spray paint.

all pieces
All the pieces

Spray it the colour you want.

Here are all the pieces taken apart and sprayed. Loving it!

pop the nose back
Pop the nose back in.

Just need to put it back together again. Pop the nose back in.

side view
The LED part of the case.

Check the piece with a gap in it for the light. make sure this goes over the light easily and completely.

The case back on, and put the screws back in.

Check the little paper ripper piece too. This needs to go the right way if it’s come out.


Finish up by putting all the screws back. That’s really how simple it is! Take your time and find a colour that you’d love. It’s a great way to personalise your PeriPage.

hacked peripage printer
The Hacked version, printing a photo of itself hacked!
peripage in box
Back in his little case.