I’ve gotten so many wonderful conductive fabrics (from Tinker Tailor) that I wanted to make use of them in a way that shows how we can use them. I wrote an Instructable: https://www.instructables.com/Touch-Me-Open-Universal-Input-Sleeve-OUIS/ that details the process including why you need one and what materials you need to make it.

What is it?

The sleeve can be used as an input device for Arduino (or other) based systems. I’ll keep making these sleeves with modifications. The current version is simplified. It is a sleeve with conductive patches on it. You can make the conductive parts in any shape or configuration that you want! You can use any conductive fabric – or conductive items. For example, you might have charms that are metal, or other conductive items handy.

I’ve also made connectors that you can use to clip on to this. You can use croc clips that you already have too. Here’s a video with everything so just skip around to see it working near the end.

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