Sucking on words Kenneth Goldsmith (Documentary Film)

Sucking on words Kenneth Goldsmith (Documentary Film), 2007

Film work has included editing wholesale nfl jerseys a film on New York based (touch poet Kenneth Goldsmith: Sucking on Words. The wholesale jerseys film was screened at Shandy Hall Patrol in Coxwold, UK, where Lawrence Sterne wrote Tristram Shandy, and in London. The film was premiered at the Eccles Center at the cheap jerseys British Library in London and By subsequently screened at the Oslo Poetry Festival in November 2007.

It was edited with Final Cut Pro over a period of several months.

Available to view online at UbuWeb 

More information about Kenny can ought be found online, and includes details wholesale jerseys of his founding of UbUWeb and wholesale mlb jerseys recent poetry reading at President Obama’s Re-writing A Celebration of American Poetry at the White House on May 11, 2011.