This prototype (Message Bag 1.1) builds on the initial message bag, and has the basic features of it enhanced. It serves as an initial testing prototype to work through initial flaws and design decisions as well as features and how they would work, or what purpose they would serve. The initial message bag that was created has had the components removed and they are built from the ground up, being modified or altered to better and more accurately serve the needs of this prototype.

Component list for V1.1, these components are available from most sites that sell Arduino items

English: Arduino Uno

English: Arduino Uno (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The code I implemented in stages to check what was working and what needed to be tweaked. For this new implementation, I removed the distance sensor from the bag, and in V1 the LEDs responded to lighting in the room, when it was dark they would produce a pattern. In V1.1 this will be a more used feature, and the LEDs will now light to acknowledge that a tag has been scanned, providing visual feedback for the user. In addition to that there is auditory feedback through the piezo – this was implemented in V1, however this time, there is a slight change in that if the tag is recognised, it is a short pulse, slightly higher pitch, when it is not recognised, the tone is a little lower, and lasts for a longer amount of time. With this change in sound it should make it quicker to notice when an unrecorded tag has passed near the reader.