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Cheap ways to get started with Arduino ¢ ¢ ¢

Starting Arduino doesn’t have to cost a lot at all, this post aims to cover the cheap ways to get started with Arduino, which are especially useful for…

HELP! Five Fabulous Forums

Uploading a sketch: Arduino


Message Bag

… I need your opinion!

Hello, I’ve been making things with Arduino for a little while now (mostly a mess and a few small fires!) but I love it so much that I want…

Breaking up Arduino: how to make your own arduino!

I’ve been looking at breaking out the ATMEGA328P-PU chip (that is used in many Arduino boards) to be able to reduce the footprint and power consumption of the…

GPRS Shield – SIM900

The GPRS Shield provides a way to communicate using the GSM cell phone network. The shield allows you to achieve SMS, MMS, GPRS and Audio via UART by…

TP4056 1A Lithium Battery Charging Module

Battery charging module for li-ion batteries.

ESP8266 Serial WiFi Module

Module information for ESP8266, low cost WiFi This is just information about the serial wifi module that I have collected to get it up and running.

Teensey issue with Teensy

I’ve been using these super small boards for my latest projects, and one of them I needed to hook up very specific ports. I needed access to data…

Soldering Conductive Ribbon

I came across this fab little quick and easy tutorial about soldering conductive ribbon. I love trying new components and ways to connect things, but sometimes stuff arrives…

1Sheeld – Arduino & Android

This is a nice project that came up on Kickstarter and I supported – I can’t wait to get this shield (1Sheeld). The idea is that it gives…

Charging a bag with the USB board

Here is a video clip showing how to charge your LED bag. It also is a good way to see how it looks when the LEDs are blinking,…

Black 1950s Vintage, 5 LED bag…

Lilypad connection : Fixed

Consolidated Summer 2013, What I am Studying: Smart Devices

Investigation into smart devices to combat perceived forgetfulness Our research investigates if a smart device can be used to reduce the negative feelings that follow when forgetfulness occurs….

Message Bag v2

Message Bag v2 was created after attending the Augmented Human ’13 conference. I wanted to create a second working prototype that was more robust than the first iteration….

Message Bag Prototype 1.1

Secret Deposit Box