Digi-Key Maker Project Lab: Feature 🤩

Very excited to see a tweet from @digikey and one of my little projects is in it! I made some fabric from bubble wrap to recyc

ElectromakerIO, another great maker community!

Being a maker is always a fun experience. Not only do you get to make fun and exciting things – but the community always

Not just an LED badge – a fabulous find!

You are going to love this – and probably buy one! 484 LEDS!!! What is it? This is an LED badge – but it has a mag

The Epic Rosehall, a dreamy home once again?

This epic abandoned property has been on offer for £2,500,000 (2021), and when we saw it had been sold (Jan 2021) – we

Old Farm buildings, abandoned and desolate, but with a view

Old farm equipment scattered on the ground, and buildings falling apart. Those are the main features of this beautiful place.

The Old Farmhouse, Abandoned and beautiful

An abandoned farmhouse. This is a short post as I haven’t been able to find out much information about this abandoned bu

Silent School: explore the pain of an abandoned beauty

[UPDATE Oct 2021: We have been back to visit this beautiful Schoolhouse, and it looks like it is now being saved. the gardens

Flickering Flames: Deadbugging an ATTiny

information This is a guide that brings together a series of guides and information I discovered when looking for fun projects

What’s in a drop? Happy times with the Ashes of Al’ar!

This is just a post of pure celebration. I’m a long time player or World of Warcraft – on and off… and I rec

Dangerous Structures, the haunting sadness of abandoned buildings

My fascination with abandoned places is growing. I find them a bit creepy and scary, but also often feel sadness. These are pl

Swindled, the podcast more interesting than it sounds

A podcast more interesting than it sounds https://swindledpodcast.com/ white collar crime. I’ve been listening to Swindl

Forgetfulness impacts an individual’s life in a negative way – leading them to change routines and feel ashamed.

(Collerton, Forster, & Packham, 2014; Lovelace & Twohig, 1990; Mol, Van Boxtel, 2006; Mol et al. 2009; Unsworth et al., 2013)