Apps and Hats (App), May 2009
I made this tabs based design app that loaded the web pages about the show, which taught me a lot about iPhone app design. It’s a free app to support the show.

The Apps and Hats app was to accompany the quirky iPhone app review show. This was made so folks could access the latest episodes, read the tweets from the twitter account and see images from the show.

You could also enter competitions and email to send review requests or let us know about your favourite app.

I have been wanting to update this app for a long time and have finally submitted a 2.0 version. I re-made the app, and it’s now looking slick on the retina devices. Although the show is no longer going, the app is still on the app store as a free app and I didn’t want something in the store that didn’t represent the apps I make. That’s why I decided to update it rather than just pull it because it’s an app that means a lot to me because of the affiliation with the show, but also it was the first proper app I made and is what has really given me the bug for making apps.


It’s still free and while people are still downloading it I’ll keep it on there. Oh – the logo doesn’t have gloss, it’s just looking that way at the moment while it’s waiting for review.

The show is currently taking a break but the app is still available for all the archived videos and photos.