Black Page, Exhibition at Shandy Hall

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The Black Page exhibition at Shandy Hall celebrates the 250th anniversary of Vols I & II of Tristram Shandy by Laurence Sterne.
Page 73 of Volume I is a Black Page which marks the death of Parson Yorick.
73 artists/writers have each been asked to create a ‘Black Page’ for exhibition and sale by auction.

‘Night divides the day’

The music is Lillibullero whistled by Patrick Wildgust, the curator of the Laurence Sterne Museum. Tristram’s uncle, Captain Toby Shandy, a British Army veteran of the fighting in Ireland and the Low Countries during King William’s reign, whistles the tune to Lillibullero when he is offered any opinion or argument which would require passionate rebuttal or which he considers particularly silly.

This was a project where I recorded Patrick whistling the tune and after recording the project it was put into the black page format on an iPod touch, as a little video that was perfect for that page format. There were headphones available as well to listen to the sound of the piece.

But which artist created which page?
Each work is signed by the artist and is for sale, but the signatures of the contributors are hidden beneath the black mounting board. Their descriptions of their work may provide clues.
Each artist has provided a description of the materials used and the making of each page and this is appended under the relevant picture on the blog, and available in the gallery.

Each Black Page is for sale by auction.

Bidding starts at £73, to rise in increments of £10 minimum.
Bids will be recorded in the comments under the relevant Black Page on the blog and in the gallery at Shandy Hall.
Bidding will only be accepted by email to, letter or in person to Patrick Wildgust, and will close at 11.59pm on October 31st 2009.
All monies raised will contribute to the grant by English Heritage to repair the roof at Shandy Hall.

A stone Black Page (sculpted by Peter Coates) has been installed on Sterne’s grave in the churchyard of St Michael’s church, Coxwold and Nutty Slack by Patrick Hughes, Quilt by Tom Phillips and Black Page – the Movie by Revolution Films can be seen in the gallery.
Exhibition continues until 31 October. Open every day (except Saturdays) 11am – 4pm (see Laurence Sterne Trust link above)

Shandy Hall
Coxwold, York, YO61 4AD
Tel: 01347 868465