Leeds Creative Labs…

[UPDATED] This year I’ve been selected as part of the Leeds Creative Labs cohort, which brings together Academics and Creative Technologists for collaboration. We have all met so far for an initial session to get to know each other and to be paired in our group of partner(s) who we will be working with over the month. This first session flew by and there was not enough time to get to know everyone as well as I would have liked to, but I managed to already meet some great people who are inspiring, intelligent and in the spirit of sharing which can sometimes be difficult to find.

I have been paired with an academic that I will meet up with again for a full day session this week and we will discuss and work towards some ideas of presenting information on the work of Harold Pinter, but before that… I have some reading to do!

Initial meet up
(photo Imran Ali)

Information from the site: Leeds Creative Labs aimed to find new and innovative ways to interrogate data and showcase academic research, increase our understanding of how technology might impact research, spark collaborations between academics and those working with digital technology and create digital prototypes using research data. (Through CCI Exchange)

Since posting this, we have written some posts to describe our project / collaborative process: http://leedscreativelabs.com/project/pinter-histories/ which has our profiles and posts.

Creative Labs
Photo from the event with all the groups, to see the progress and hear about the projects. (photo: Imran Ali)