Derby Maker Faire: Making, hacking, playing

Just a little post with images from the Derby Maker Faire. I had read about the Bloodhound in Wired magazine and so was pretty excited to hear that there was going to be a lot of information about it at the event!

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The Faire was full of interesting hackspaces showing the things they have been working on as well as a lot of the bigger maker component places. There was easily enough for a full day of looking and playing!

York Hackspace | Page 3

One of the most interesting was from a London hackspace who had brought with them an epic game that was actually built in a whole camper van. There was a simulator in it so there was a bit of a wait to get in to it, but once inside each person took on roles of a team to safely pilot the ship. There were random events to get you off course and most people (all?) actually died by the end and were issued with a death certificate! What a brilliant and impressive massive effort that created a great eye-catching reason to go in to see the rest of the exhibition space.



More information about the e vent from Kitronik