The Wearable Technology show at Excel during March 2015 was a huge display of most current products on the market now. Queen Mary University of London was exhibiting there. Our work was research based and mostly in prototyping stages which made it one of the most unique stands there.

One of the most impressive exhibits at the show was for 3D printing. They were making a much more visually inspiring prosthetic hand. These were modelled throughout the exhibition. Their stand also had a moving hand to show the other general capabilities that they can do.

There seemed to be a majority of health and fitness watches / similar devices. I’m struggling to see the differences between them now in all honesty. They all count steps, monitor heart rate etc… they just do it in a slightly different package though mostly a device for around the wrist ūüėČ

Other interesting designs were to do with safety, so lots of reflective wear for cyclists for example. One was showcasing uses for the police force. There was also ¬†Glofaster running and cycling wear. These are very cool and uses¬†lights, vibrations or sound change to let you know when you’ve reached your target. As they say, it’s clothing to keep you motivated.

I’ve included some photos of the event, it was a very busy 2 days and there were also talks and demonstrations throughout both days.

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[This year (2015), March 10-11 is the Wearable Technology Show at Excel venue in London I’ll be joining some of the fab folks from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) to showcase some of the projects and work we have been doing. Come along to check out our work plus some other amazing things as this is described as the largest wearable, augmented reality and Internet of Things event. There will be other product demonstrations and talks from industry leaders.

A brief write up about Queen Mary showcasing some of the work that will be there.]