A Creative Creator Fair

It’s been another crazy maker weekend – this time a creative Creator Fair at the Space Centre in Leicester was hosting a creative weekend with makers from around the country. I was showing some of the message bags I’ve been working on over the last many (many many) months and enjoyed talking with people about what I’m doing, why I do it and how they could get started making things too.

Something for everyone,

…attending these types of events are so fun and I even spoke with a guy who attends them for meeting other makers to work on future projects together. There is also a huge variety of things on display, from Dr Who vocalizers to felt crafting, amazing circuit boards and kits (the stuff displayed by Pimoroni are always slick and worth a look at) so you can  make some projects when you get home, or inspire a future project. Some amazing hacked toys which are both fascinating and creepy, interactive posters that play music, crazy amazing “Things that Seg” one wheeled motorbikes… I could list more!

There were also a lot of ‘creative creator’ tables of activities for kids (though I mostly saw parents finishing projects when kids wandered off or helping kids a lot more than they actually needed because the parents found it fun too!).

Oh and really frustrated by the wonderful folks at Kitronik who have built a Simon machine that has defeated 2 cities so far… you’ll have to go to Darby Mini Maker Faire next to try to defeat it!

If you were one of the people I talked with, thank you so much for the comments and feedback you gave. (and to some of the kids who helped test the robustness of my things!) Many conversations have inspired me to look into a few alternative uses for my things as well as investigating one or two solutions I hadn’t seen before.

I hope everyone had a great weekend – and I’m hoping I’ll recover this Monday!

Full list of the makers that were there http://www.spacecentre.co.uk/special-events/creator-fair 

p.s. as an aside, if you haven’t been to the Space Centre it’s worth a visit!