Apps and Hats

This is a bit of a retro post for me. I wanted to capture some of the Apps and Hats show that myself and lovely Hattie did for a while back when the iPhone was launched and the App Store was just getting going. 

“Apps & Hats is a quirky iPhone application review show. Every other week the girls (Christine and Hattie) will review iPhone applications within a wide range of categories.

The 6-minute sessions will be aired every 2 weeks. Each episode will have a particular item of fashion from Victorian Corsets to Uniforms. The girls will each choose an application within the same category, Hattie finding you a free one and Christine checking out if one is worth your cash.”

That was the blurb from the show and we were on a site called Mevio who hosted the videos back when they were published. Mevio has since closed but at the time we published regularly every 2 weeks and produced a 1-minute ‘teaser’ the week before. We produced a Calendar as well!