This is just a post of pure celebration.

I’m a long time player or World of Warcraft – on and off… and I recently made the decision to have one last try for the Ashes of Al’ar mount on the game. For those of you who don’t play Wow, this is a mount that is just so beautiful and it is hard to get. the drop rate is 1.7% in the game. More info at Wowhead.

drop from wow
inside Tempest Keep, where the boss that drops Ashes of Al’ar is

But basically, because it’s from a raid boss you can go there on a character once a week. The instances only reset every 7 days. So you can only kill it 52 times in a year – if you remember and go there every week. I had phases of when I actually did this but then stopped. Also, you need a relatively high-level character to solo this. So this time around, I was determined to try to get it.

I levelled 4 of my characters to high enough levels to solo this place. I then ‘parked’ them at the entrance to the instance. Every week I would go and kill the boss that drops it, on each of those characters.

Finally, on a week where I was about to do my 4 rounds, it dropped! On my first character for that week too! As you can hear I was so excited and wanted to film that I declined a dungeon invite that I had been waiting for for a long time! Oh well – I had some flying to do.

Not my video – this is just to show how beautiful the mount is, I’ll grab a video of my characters flying on it and of a nice effect I put on it for shadowform too!