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Aipoly Vision versus Tap Tap See

Aipoly Vision and Tap Tap See do very similar things.

They are object recognise apps for visually impaired,  to help someone understand their surroundings. You only need to point your phone or iPad at the object and press a large on-screen button to turn on the artificial intelligence. Brilliant for visually impaired and sighted who can use the app but also help improve it.

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Super fun for folks with an old pizza box lying around and who want a cheaper version Oculus Rift!

Cardboard is a project from Google, to help you make your own! Read about it here, more information taken from Laughing Squid: Cardboard is a simple experimental project by Google that transforms an Android smartphone into a basic virtual reality headset using what amounts to a little cardboard, a couple lenses, and some magnets. The project has uploaded design files for the physical headset and some documentation to help developers code software to use with the device.

Cardboard Detail

Here is the official site for the projcet: https://gweb-cardboard.appspot.com/ with an animation to show you how to construct the box. Have fun!

Note that you do need a phone that will fit so do check.

1Sheeld – Arduino & Android

1Sheeld Arduino shieldThis is a nice project that came up on Kickstarter and I supported – I can’t wait to get this shield (1Sheeld). The idea is that it gives you easy access to all the capabilities on your Android device, all through the one shield, so you now wouldn’t have to connect loads of separate shields or sensors to have control.

At a glance it seems to be a great way to make easier connections, especially if you want to test something out and not pay for a shield / sensor etc to try something.

I haven’t tried it yet but anticipate to have it here around May 2014, so hope to post an update with information then. You can purchase these from their site now too.

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