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Psyche & Muse at Beinecke Library (Exhibition)

Psyche & Muse at Beinecke Library (Exhibition), Yale University, USA. Jan 28 -June 13 2011
Re-writing Freud app was in this exhibition about psychoanalysis and art.

Room 26 Cabinet of Curiosities

The iPad app edition of Re-Writing Freud is currently on view at the Beinecke Library (ground floor, North side) inPsyche & Muse: Creative Entanglements with the Science of the Soul. Using your finger, you randomly re-write Sigmund Freud’s famous book, The Interpretation of Dreams, allowing you to see his text in a dreamlike state.


The app does a re-write The Interpretation of Dreams by feeding the text into a computer program designed to randomly select and re-order the words, thus recreating the book. The work has been remade as an iPhone/iPad application allowing an interactive reprocessing of Freud’s 223,704-word text. This project, and two related book projects featured in Dr. Froyd: Psychoanalysis in the Popular Imagination located on the Library Mezzanine, use Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams to explore the ability of art and text to “disrupt the existing order of things Going Here.” For more information about this project, visit Christine Morris’s description of the project: Re-Writing Freud.

Re-writing Freud (iOS App)

Re-writing Freud (iOS App), Feb 2011

App Store

The re-writing Freud app became available to purchase in the App Store from February 4th. It is the next logical incarnation of the artwork Re-Writing Freud which was first created back in 2005. This was my first Universal iOS app.

iOS App

It took a lot of research and drafting out of several interactions of the app because it is such a new dynamic platform. It seemed I kept focusing on re-creating the initial interface, which was designed for a powerful computer. I knew this was not the same device or experience and it needed to be adapted to reflect the best use of the technology it would be experienced on. From there I realized that the key to an iPad is the human interaction and that the surface is so beautiful and clean that it really would be my job to maintain the essence of those features.

The app would focus on the book. That was the core essential element, and from there the user would be able to write the book randomly every time in terms of them interacting with the device. The interface is minimal, only a solid colour, based on the rotation of the device.

In fact, you won’t see anything other than the colour unless you interact.

The words only become visible when you tap the screen, then randomly the words are chosen from the entire book and presented in a random place on the screen. The words then fade out after a set elapsed time.

iTunes Preview

Re-writing Freud (book)

Re-writing Freud (book), 2005 Arts Council Funding

BookThis is a cheap jerseys book that was written from the algorithm created for the re-writing Freud 2005 initial version of this SA3D artwork in the Art of Readers exhibition. The program ran through an entire cycle, resulting in the book The Interpretation of Dreams cheap jerseys being rewritten. This was published as a paperback edition.

RE-WRITING FREUD this is a re-written Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams. A computer program randomly selects words, one at a time from Freud’s 223,704 word text and begins to reconstruct the entire book, word by word, making wholesale nba jerseys a new book with the same words.The resulting book was one instantiation of that T01 process, scrupulously typeset according to the dimensions, fonts, chapter divisions and paragraph lengths of the 1976 Penguin paperback edition of cheap mlb jerseys Freud’s work, and printed on equivalent paper stocks. A virus or process of contagion has been at work, intervening in Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams, rupturing it and returning it to us in a new order. wholesale mlb jerseys By subjecting Disposal Freud’s words to a random re-distribution, meaning is turned into non-meaning and the spectator is put to work to make sense of the new poetic juxtapositions. With a scrupulous formalism, this version of Freud’s text follows the conventions of typographic layout found in the 1976 Penguin edition of Freud’s work. The publication is edited by Craig Dworkin, Associate Professor in the Department of English at the University of Utah.