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Super fun for folks with an old pizza box lying around and who want a cheaper version Oculus Rift!

Cardboard is a project from Google, to help you make your own! Read about it here, more information taken from Laughing Squid: Cardboard is a simple experimental project by Google that transforms an Android smartphone into a basic virtual reality headset using what amounts to a little cardboard, a couple lenses, and some magnets. The project has uploaded design files for the physical headset and some documentation to help developers code software to use with the device.

Cardboard Detail

Here is the official site for the projcet: https://gweb-cardboard.appspot.com/ with an animation to show you how to construct the box. Have fun!

Note that you do need a phone that will fit so do check.

Augmented Human ’13 overview


Details about the conference and presentations.

Website with proceedings and information.

Published paper: Message Bag: Can Assistive Technology Combat Forgetfulness? on ACM, so membership may be required.

This is a look at Augmented Human conference. I had a fantastic experience going to this conference, the talks were a great way to bring life to the papers, and to really understand the motivations for the work and where it was heading. There was also a great diversity of work presented and many left me inspired and excited to move my own work forward. I have made notes as I listen to the talks, and these are just my personal thoughts as I was watching, so they may not make that much sense, but mostly for me to refer to later. Enjoy the photos. Continue reading Augmented Human ’13 overview

Yo! Create (iOS App)

Yo! Create (<a class="zem_slink" title="IOS" href="http://en.wikipedia web based project management system.org/wiki/IOS” target=”_blank” rel=”wikipedia”>iOS App), Oct. 2011
An app to help creativity, through the use of exercises and activities to try. Coded in Xcode.The app needs work and a lot of additions still, but was an initial idea to try to incorporate ideas about creativity, and idea generation exercises to help people who are trying to think projects through etc. It is something I want to continue work on and I think it would work really well as an iPad app, with more space visually and possibly more varied techniques for them to try.


Shandy Hall (iOS App)

Shandy Hall (iOS App), Sept. 2011 Created for the Shandy Hall Museum.
iTunes Link

I have been working on creating an app for the historical museum Shandy Hall, which is just a nice little informational app. Perfect for reading about events and the history of the house.

Features in the app include:
– Live map so you don’t get lost
– Opening times
– Admission
– Events you can attend & how to book if needed
– Images of the beautiful house and gardens
– Videos about Shandy Hall and other related videos
– Read the live twitter stream for all current information

The app is free and makes a great companion for when you are thinking of making a visit there. For more information about Shandy Hall you can <a href="http://www.laurencesternetrust look here.org.uk/shandy-hall.php” target=”_blank”>check out their site.

The app went live in September 2011.