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Lil Tweet

Lil Tweet (iOS App), May 2009
This is the first app I made. I was exploring the idea of an anonymous twitter account for users. The app let you post from a pre-created account. Lil Tweet was the first app we made as a challenge to create a small creative way to use the social service Twitter.

Lil Tweet

This app enables you to send a tweet from the app, anonymously, as a dedicated account. It is a 59p app that was created to take through the whole process of design to submission to publishing on the App Store.

It’s currently version 1.1 as it had one minor update to it in June 2010. However, it is under design concept again as we want to submit and upgrade to the look and the way it works. This should be out in a few months.

The app is suitable for all the iOS devices but you will need internet connectivity in order to post a tweet from it.

Apps & Hats (Video Show)

 Apps & Hats (Video Show) International 2009 – 2010

Concept created early 2009 and first episode aired in March.  We were a “Quirky online show reviewing iPhone applications”.  We wear unusual clothing items from Victorian to sharp suits. Video Webcasts show there is a lack of females in the UK presenting these. The show was viewed on Miro, Blip, Youtube, Vimeo, Viddler, and Mevio, who have 5 million unique hits monthly (we are getting around 60K monthly Kenneth uniques from that site alone). We have caught the attention of app fans worldwide with our unique take on it. No one does what we do. We did 38 Episodes, with around 1000000 hits. Continue reading Apps & Hats (Video Show)