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EVENT: wuthering bytes, a festival of technology

Technology festival Wuthering Bytes is happening again this year at Hebden Bridge and I am privileged to be a speaker there on the final day, Friday October 2nd.

Tickets are a tenner per day that you want to attend which is a really great way to do it so you don’t necessarily have to attend the full week – though by the looks of it there is something for everyone and a good variety of content, more information is available from the Wuthering Bytes website or from the Twitter account but here is a general overview of the days and content (not in order of days).

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Message Bag

Message Bag, Nov. 2011
Message Bag has an integrated LCD for messages as well as an RFID that activates LEDs so you know what items you have packed. Using Arduino.

I realise this is a huge post, but I really wanted full documentation so I know the steps I took and stages I implemented along the way.  Continue reading Message Bag

Black 1950s Vintage, 5 LED bag…

This new handbag was created to be used in a single-user study that will be taking place over the month. It has been modified based on feedback from previous user testing and focus groups that I have run over the course of the PhD so far. Included in this bag is a 5 LED configuration – which in this case it was decided to keep it all visible. Continue reading Black 1950s Vintage, 5 LED bag…

Motivations for My Research

The motivation for this research is to investigate the design and use of ubiquitous technology and to consider the feasibility and practicality of carrying and using a smart device in the form of ‘message bag’, in order to reduce stress levels associated with forgetfulness. This leading on to determine the suitability of the bag with embedded technology for use in our everyday lives.

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Interested in Participating?

Message Bag V2
A version of Message Bag that was used for initial testing.

Are you interested in participating in a trial with our Message Bag?

Or do you have some ideas that you’d like to share about it? I’m currently looking for some volunteers who would be interested in trialling a Message Bag prototype for me, tell me what you think, what you liked or didn’t like, I want to hear it all.

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