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How to make neopixel jewellery, a colour sensing, fun wearable

This neopixel jewellery wearable tutorial takes inspiration from a tutorial on Adafruit to make a neopixel manicure. I loved t

PICAXE for Wearables, a hookup & using guide

I’m looking at an Electro-Fashion sewable PICAXE control board from Kitronik. There are a few wearable systems now that

LIMiTED: ilyware

HELP! Five Fabulous Forums

Wearable Technology 2015 Excel, London

The Wearable Technology show at Excel during March 2015 was a huge display of most current products on the market now. Queen M

Charging an electronic handbag with a USB cable

Here is a video clip showing how to charge your LED bag. It also is a good way to see how it looks when the LEDs are blinking,

Black 1950s Electronic Vintage, 5 LED handbag

Consolidated Summer 2013, What I am Studying: Smart Devices

Investigation into smart devices to combat perceived forgetfulness Our research investigates if a smart device can be used to

Some Hardware Solutions in the Field of forgetfulness

This post aims to be a continual build up of technologies as I find them, read about them, try them. I want to keep a record o

Augmented Human ’13 overview

“USE THEM OR DO SOMETHING ELSE” Details about the conference and presentations. Website with proceedings and infor

Wearables : Initial Questionnaire : Specification

This write up follows an initial few months of research into wearables / an initial questionnaire to establish if people did i

about blurb: addiction & interests

Currently, I work at The Glasgow School of Art [GSA innovation school]. I’m a Post Graduate Lecturer for MDes Design Inn