Augmented Human ’13 overview


Details about the conference and presentations.

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Published paper: Message Bag: Can Assistive Technology Combat Forgetfulness? on ACM, so membership may be required.

This is a look at Augmented Human conference. I had a fantastic experience going to this conference, the talks were a great way to bring life to the papers, and to really understand the motivations for the work and where it was heading. There was also a great diversity of work presented and many left me inspired and excited to move my own work forward. I have made notes as I listen to the talks, and these are just my personal thoughts as I was watching, so they may not make that much sense, but mostly for me to refer to later. Enjoy the photos. Continue reading “Augmented Human ’13 overview”

Annual Business Lecture, JCI

Annual Business Lecture, JCI (Panelist)May 2010

This non-profit group for young business people have a yearly ‘lecture’ for it’s members and I was invited to be on the panel with 3 other professionals including the VP of marketing at Linkdin. My focus was apps and how they are changing the way we live / work.

‘Making sense of a social networking world’

May 27, 2010 at 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

The Rose Bowl, Leeds Met Uni Business School, Leeds

Your host and compere for the evening will be Steve Parks, an ex-BBC radio journalist, professional speaker, author and entrepreneur.

Our guest speakers will include:

Patrick Crane: Vice President Marketing at LinkedIn (via video link-up from Silicon Valley)

Will Kintish: Leading networking and LinkedIn training authority

Christine Morris (Farion): Founder of Apps & Hats and Digital Communications lecturer

Consultant from v social: Leeds-based social media consultancy

Steve will be introducing, interviewing and fielding questions to our panel of experts who’ll help our audience to:

• demystify social media
• highlight to us the benefits and impact of social media, and what the buzz is all about
• explain why it’s grown so rapidly, and why it’s growing, and definitely here to stay
• and, tell us who’s engaging in social media and how it should be embraced

Join us for networking prior to the event with food and refreshments, and an event ‘after party’ for all attendees with exclusive drinks offer to be held at HaHa, a short distance away in Millennium Square. Attendees will include JCI members and leading figures from the local business world.

Last year’s lecture a great success attracting over 100 attendees, and was part of the prestigious Leeds Business Week.

Where: The Rose Bowl, Leeds Metropolitan University Business School, Portland Crescent LS1 3HB

When: Thursday, 27th May 2010, 6pm – 9pm

Price: £20 JCI members and corporate partners, £40 non-members. Includes food and refreshments, post lecture ‘after-party’ with exclusive drinks offers at HaHa Millennium Square.

How to book: Book online with eventbrite.

Contact: Anil Champaneri, Deputy President JCI Leeds ( or Michael Ham, Business Director JCI Leeds ( (über-jury for App Star Awards) International, Nov-Dec 2009
Selected to be one of the Judges of the App Star awards, and the winners were announced at the LeWeb 09 conference. Other jury members include Michael Arrington, Loic LeMeur and Robert Scoble among others. This was the first time this was run and was fun to be a part of!

Girl Geek Dinner (Speaker)

Girl Geek Dinner (Speaker), Leeds Oct. 21 2009
An exciting event where I spoke on the topic ‘Using Video to make an Impact’ to over 80 professional women & men in the industry.  It was held at The Loft, Leeds.

Information about the event I realise I look a bit shocked in that image.

Write up from the girl geek site:

“Fear is not an option if you are going to video blog online. Even when you think you have failed, it pushes the boundaries to get better next time.”

“Christine’s belief is that passion is vital for talking confidently into a camera, even if it is a small web camera. The world wide web is now saturated with information which is raising the importance of creating engaging content. is a a quirky short podcast where Christine’s passion for Apps is the main theme, with the twist being that the presenters dress up in amazing costumes.  Christine is an Apple fan and praised the Final Cut software for being so easy and quick to edit the podcast. Girl Geeks were left to ponder on the quote from Albert Einstein that summarised the heart of the presentation,

“For an idea, that does not first seem insane – there is no hope”.

Christine’s enthusiasm and positive outlook really shone through in her talk, and you had the feeling that she could achieve whatever she put her mind to. It was pretty inspirational stuff. We’re wondering whether Christine has considered a career as a motivational speaker!

With 80 tickets sold, its was the biggest Leeds GGD so far.”