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travelling chris

Travelling Christine : Postcards

ilyware launch

LIMiTED: ilyware

Message Bag

Darby Maker Faire

Just a little post with images from the Derby Maker Faire. I had read about the Bloodhound in Wired magazine and so was pretty excited to hear that…

York Hackspace at Manchester Mini Maker Faire

Our York Hackspace group set up at the Manchester Maker Faire over the weekend of Saturday 26th / 27th July. On the official site this event is described as: “the…

Black 1950s Vintage, 5 LED bag…

Interested in Participating?

Are you interested in participating in a trial with our Message Bag? Or do you have some ideas that you’d like to share about it? I’m currently looking…

Message Bag v2

Message Bag v2 was created after attending the Augmented Human ’13 conference. I wanted to create a second working prototype that was more robust than the first iteration….

Slow Technology: Programming the Interface

This post examines The interface described will be coded using Xcode, using the interface builder (fig. 20) section of Xcode as well as coding the elements that will…

Slow Technology: Last Planet

Sinister Social Network

Secret Deposit Box

Yo! Create (iOS App)

Shandy Hall (iOS App)

Shandy Hall (iOS App), Sept. 2011 Created for the Shandy Hall Museum. iTunes Link I have been working on creating an app for the historical museum Shandy Hall,…

New &Noteworthy: Travel Cash

Just came across Travel Cash in the New & Noteworthy section on the App Store which is always great news. I haven’t yet actively promoted it in any…

Travel Cash (iOS App)

Psyche & Muse at Beinecke Library (Exhibition)

Re-writing Freud (iOS App)

Allowance 1.2

The Allowance app is now on it’s 1.2 version. With the ability to delete accounts, and also to have up to 5 accounts. There are also minor fixes…

Pavel Büchler: making nothing happen (Documentary Film)

Allowance Lite

We decided to make a lite version of Allowance so people could get a taste for the basic style of the app. This way you can try out…

Ready for Submission

Allowance is finally ready for submission to Apple! This feels like a huge journey, and really I guess for me it has been. Back over Easter holidays I…

Lil Tweet

Lil Tweet was the first app we made as a challenge to create a small creative way to use the social service Twitter. This app enables you to…