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Allowance Lite

We decided to make a lite version of Allowance so people could get a taste for the basic style of the app. This way you can try out one account and see how it works for you – for free.

It only has the basic features, so you can enter and delete money, set reminders and see the fun facts, but you don’t have access to repeat reminders, setting up the children’s names, creating 4 accounts, adding the child’s photo, the balance sheet and a few other goodies so you really will want to update to the paid for version to get all the joys out of the fully fledged app.

We wanted to give folks a flavour of what we are trying to achieve so we hope you like it. This app will always be free but it’s unlikely it will get other features added.


Allowance (iOS App)


 (iOS App), November 2009

This app is one that we have been working on for months. From the initial concept to its updates and maintenance. You can read all about it here at The Allowance App website.

We spent a long time planning and focusing exactly what people would need from an app like this and were constantly revisiting the design and implementation of it.

“Allowance App : Your Pocket Money, is an easy to use app that tracks how much allowance you are paying your child. It let’s you add allowance, or any other money (birthdays / gifts…) and also make a withdrawal.

There is a balance sheet so you can see how much they have left, and what they have spent their money on!”

The app was completely customised and has a unique interface, hopefully to make saving money fun for kids. It currently costs £2.99 and was featured on the Appvent calendar for free over the Christmas holidays.