Super Scroll Gestures!

Scroll Gestures are great for everyone, I have this enabled on my mac and it could be something you find useful too! This 

Contrast for Readability

There are settings on a mac that can make working on the computer much easier for anyone with a visual impairment, but also, s

Accessibility Plugin for your WP site

Installing a plugin for your WordPress site is a great and easy way to be sure it’s as accessible as possible. I’v

Accessibility and Chrome, setting up accessibility features

This is a guide for setting up accessibility features on Chrome Browser. The guide in this post is for accessibility and Chro

LIMiTED: ilyware

HELP! Five Fabulous Forums

Venice Biennale 2015

I was lucky enough to travel to the 2015 Venice Biennale, and it was my first time going. I wanted to put some photos on my si

Internet of things Printing…

Here is a great link to a superdooper (yes really!) tutorial for hooking up your mini printer to the Internet. There is an Int

The Fashion of Jean Paul Gaultier

I went to visit the Jean Paul Gaultier show at The Barbican in London this month (June 2014) which has over 165 of his couture

How Elderly People Deal With Forgetfulness in Everyday Life

This post is notes about a paper that I reference and find important in memory / forgetfulness information. These are just not

Charging an electronic handbag with a USB cable

Here is a video clip showing how to charge your LED bag. It also is a good way to see how it looks when the LEDs are blinking,

Black 1950s Electronic Vintage, 5 LED handbag

30 Second Brief of Message Bag

Message Bag – Project explained in 30 seconds from Christine on Vimeo. Brief of Message Bag. This is the project I will

Subjective forgetfulness is associated with lower quality of life in middle aged and young-old individuals

Post with notes from this paper and quotes that are relevant. Links and information to reference the paper are given at the en

Lilypad connection : Fixed

Sometimes when you are working on a project, it’s hard to think of all the possible solutions to an issue. This post is

Yo! What’s in Your Bag / Backpack / Purse / Satchel… ?

I’m trying to figure out what exactly are we carrying with us, what items are important to us, and how do we feel if we

Wearables : Initial Questionnaire : Specification

This write up follows an initial few months of research into wearables / an initial questionnaire to establish if people did i

Last Planet: The Iterations for the Design


Amazing Macgasm, I totally loved doing a writing stint for the Macgasm site from May 2010 until May 2011, covering everything

Lil Tweet

Lil Tweet was the first app I made as a challenge to create a small creative way to use the social service Twitter. This app e