My work & the importance of Prototyping

I presented a talk at the Glasgow School of Art that was about my work, particularly some of the earlier artwork collaborations, projects Secret Deposit Box, and a selection of my PhD research.

I then focused on the importance of prototyping, the types of prototypes that can be used and the reasons why. I illustrated this through the use of my many prototypes! The importance of interaction in design was highlighted as well as research through design.

sample slides


Sonic Bodies

image of maria kapsali

As part of the Being Human Festival, I was involved in the technical support for the Sonic Bodies installation. This project from Maria Kapsali was bringing together Sonolope and some new explorations. These explorations included bringing sculpture to visually impaired people. Works were prepared ‘Pan’, and ‘Kiss’, based on artworks that were present in the gallery. These pieces were then sonified, and created into experiences through movement.

More about the project can be found: 

and written up at The Wilberforce Trust who supported this project:

Throughout November 20-24th 2018.